How To Create The Perfect Top Knot Bun, For Real

The Top Knot is the ideal style for any occasion. It can be a lifesaver during a bad/dirty hair day. It can also be a chic and easy way to get your hair out of your face, all while pairing perfectly with a dressed up or down ensemble. Jenny Balding, NYC Cutler/Redken Stylist, shared how to achieve this look with us.

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Dating Advice That Sucks: Telling a "Picky" Person They're Too Picky

Dr. Mindy Lahiri deserves the world, everyone.

Dr. Mindy Lahiri deserves the world, everyone.

"You're too picky... You have to lower your standards."

If you're the "picky one" you've heard it a million times. I have to say, the picky person is usually rational about dating. Say what you want, but they're the ones who often nurse us after a breakup with a moron we lowered our standards for. They're the ones we don't even want to call up for dating advice because we know they're always right about our beloved asshole when we're just not to ready to hear that type of honesty, yet. While the rest of the world is compulsively dating a bunch of lames they shouldn't, the picky one tries their best to weed through all the bullshit out there with the hopes of finding a pretty solid person to date.

I'm picky, and I'm sorry, but picky people are picky for a reason: we know what we want and we know what we don't. A lot of picky people don't start off that way – they've almost all have seen or been through some shit that made them realize they have the power (power is like, the best) to pick and choose what they want, making sure they never have to deal with that type of bullshit again. We don't see the point in wasting our time or,  someone else's time on a relationship we know isn't for us. We've lowered our "standards" on numerous occasions and have been disappointed. This is why we have them. They don't come out of thin air unless you're some self-proclaimed princess with outrageous ideals.

The word "standards" is synonymous with being a picky bitch, but in real life, they're more like guidelines, making what we want out of a relationship clear.

For example, here are a few common high standards*:

  • Someone funny – dating a serious asshole all the time is not fun.
  • Someone who has his shit together – because honestly, who has time for fixing a dude right now.
  • Someone generous – not totally related to chivalry or material things, but emotionally generous, because the two are very connected – I read a legit article once. Most of the cheap are stingy with their feelings too. Cough, Fred Mertz, cough. This is not always the case, and being cheap isn't the same as being fiscally frugal ( we can respect that) so don't front, homie.
  • Someone who doesn't look like a monster – honestly, that's like the least important, but you have to not be repulsed by the sight of them because I mean, y'all are gonna have to touch eventually.
  • Someone you can carry a conversation with – it should just flow naturally, you'll know when you know.
  • Someone who supports what you do and love. Someone who you can support in the same manner.
  • Someone who's on the same page as you – if you're over partying, don't date a club promoter. If you want kids, don't date a man who doesn't. 

Those aren't that bad right? We're not asking for the non-attainable. So, keep shaming us for being picky, we DGAF because we typically have our shit together and are way too busy to deal with the same mistakes over and over again – clearly, we're not as patient as you. We're not picky, we just know what we deserve. Oh and by the way, we don't need you to set us up, we're fine.

* All standards above depend on your stage in life. Obviously, if you're dating with no intention of being in a serious, committed relationship, these rules don't apply. Get it, girl. Also, all opinions are completely my own, you can bash me on Twitter later.



Five Fashion Trends That Need to Stop


The only thing that makes a mediocre trend worse is seeing it everywhere.  On everyone.  It’s subjective and more than a little irrational to hate something so much based largely on its popularity, but let’s be honest and say I’m human and therefore subjective and more than a little irrational.

Faux Logos

I thought for a second your hoodie said Hermes, but then I noticed it said Homies and I was like LOLz that’s so #clever.  (Ditto Ain’t Laurent, Celfie, Feline, Purrmes, etc).

Religious Iconography

Once upon a time, someone in fashion decided upside down/oversized crosses had huge trend potential.  And they were (unfortunately) right.  I’m not religious, yet I’m oddly put off by the carelessness with which girls adorn themselves with blatantly religious symbols.  The whole trend reeks of desperation to be hip/edgy, when it just comes off as tacky and irreverent.  Dislike.

Wedge Sneakers

It’s like the footwear of a stylish space cadet from the latest dystopian blockbuster, except uglier and significantly less cool.  I’m still trying to find out who was responsible for this.


I thought this trend would die ten years ago; alas, I was wrong, and people are still wearing these things even in the dead of summer.  I say this as gently as I can (which is not at all): It’s time to put them down.  I mean, the reason’s in the name.

Ass Logos

Do you really love pink?  Really?  Rush season ended seven years ago; it’s time to retire your sorority sister gear.  Two words: Basic Bitch.

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This Self-Tanner is Seriously Holy-Grail Worthy

by Us
Fake Bake Golden Faux Glow, $20.95

Fake Bake Golden Faux Glow, $20.95

If looking like Snooki is never your intention but, you somehow manage to get orange results every, damn, time you self-tan, we think we may have found an awesome product for you.

Fake Bake Golden Faux Glow is a breath of fresh air in the world of DIY bronzing. It's a quality self-tanner that doesn't cost an arm and leg – no really, most of the good ones out there cost over $50 and the amount of product you get is a joke.

The second you open the tube, you'll notice the tanner is a rich, dark brown color, instead of a typically creamy, orange shade; That alone is a triumph. It's honestly a trip how most self-tanner manufacturers out there don't get that nobody wants to look orange damn it, we want to look brown, sun-kissed, golden, goddess-y, and all that stuff.

This stuff delivers and is completely buildable – if you just want a glow, go ahead and apply one light coat, if you want to look liked you've been on vacation, feel free to slather to your taste, you'll be impressed either way.

Beauty Team Rating: ★★★★☆