Nasty Gal Opens on Melrose and It's Good, People

Nasty Gal Melrose

Nasty Gal Melrose

Nasty Gal opens its first physical location on Melrose and it's as amazing as you imagined it would be. [Apparel News]

Bet you didn't know you were pronouncing these celebrity names all wrong, huh? [StyleCaster]

How do you move on when you thought he was 'The One'? [The Cut]

We shop so fucking much that thrift stores are receiving more clothes than can handle. [Huffington Post]

Beyoncé released a new, homemade music video and The Internet lit-trah-lly died, again. [Dlisted]

The Bacon Spice Latte is a thing. [Elite Daily]

Kendall Jenner books a campaign with Karl Lagerfeld. [Daily Mail]

Britney Spears and Gwyneth Paltrow read mean tweets about themselves. [Refinery 29]



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