Natural Deodorants That Actually Work and Which to Avoid Like The Plague

You're probably aware of all of the chemicals and crap that your favorite drugstore deodorants are made out of by now. Once you find out that they can cause all sorts of complications in your body, how could you not seek an alternative? The major problem is most alternatives STINK in more ways than one. We've tried and tested a variety of "natural" deodorants – experiencing a string of embarrassing, smelly situations just so you don't have to, too. 

The Worst Natural Deodorants We Tried

Desert Essence Dry By Nature Deodorant, $3.99

I've forgotten to put on deodorant several times in my life and did not smell half as bad as I did when I put this stuff on. This deodorant has a way of making you smell even worse than you would if you decided to skip deodorant all together. I made the mistake of trying this on the day of a brain-storming meeting where being animated and using your hands to describe shit is the norm. I caught a whiff of something off and sure enough, it was my BO. 

Toms of Maine Natural Care Deodorant Stick, $4.25

You can find this "natural" deodorant almost everywhere these days. Tom's of Maine should just stick to toothpaste because this product sucks just as badly as the former. This stuff is overly creamy and gel-like in the worst way. It just makes you feel sticky and disgusting. This deodorant will probably suffice if you do nothing all day or just don't move your limbs that much in general. It might work in really cold climates but, the gross consistency and risk of it not working is not worth it, period.


Crystal Body Deodorant Stick, $6

A favorite of the hippie/granola-set, the crystal deodorant is one of the most popular forms of natural deodorants on the market. The way you apply it is kind of interesting: you wet the stone, and then proceed to roll on to your underarm area. Innovative kinda but, that doesn't help the fact that this product will not prevent any sort of body odor from happening. Some, however, swear by this stuff. It might respond differently to different people. 

The Best Natural Deodorants We Tried

Natural Deodorants that work

Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant, $14

Ah, the wonderfully amazing Lavanila deodorant. There are no words to explain what an emotional experience it was to stumble upon a natural deodorant that actually works. This is a higher-end ($14) deodorant that does a great job at keeping you nice and smell-free. It even feels like legit deodorant on your skin. It comes in a variety of delicious scents and lasts a few hours depending on how you go about your day. If you're active, you should reapply. It's the best natural deodorant I've tried thus far. If it ever gets discontinued, I'm f-cked.


Natural Deodorants that work

Arm & Hammer Essentials Deodorant, $3.99

I was lead to this stuff by some friends after explaining how tired I was of testing out shitty natural deodorants. While its not totally natural, it doesn't include harmful ingredients like aluminum and parabens. I go back and forth between Lavanila and Arm & Hammer depending on what I'm doing and the weather. Because it isn't totally natural, I limit my use of this stuff – reserving it for really hot days, times when I'll be working out, or doing anything else active. It's the only "natural" drugstore deodorant that works. Trust.



Disclaimer: Most of these are actually antiperspirants. It is honestly, virtually impossible to find a natural deodorant that will keep your underarm area completely dry.