A Plea to Target and H&M! You Effing Need Shopping Limits for Designer Collaborations


Like a ton of you, I just got home from Target in the hopes of scoring a few pieces from the Target x Missoni collection. Just like you, I can't help but be annoyed (understatement) at the fact that there is always about 5 ladies who show up and fill their carts with EVERYTHING in order to turn a profit on eBay.

Luckily after scouring around I did manage to snag a few items but it was a tedious mission and events included myself preying over the go-backs in the fitting room and hovering over the carts belonging to these ladies hoping they would let me have an item out of pity.

Because we all know how these types of events go down, I made sure to hit up a suburban location as soon as Target opened. That really didn't make a difference because a few ladies had the same strategy. Among them was one Queen B*tch who literally filled her cart with every shoe, in every size and she wasn't alone. She had a team of her friends grab the clothes, another grab menswear and another grabbed all the accessories. Who could possibly need so much stuff? Hmm, maybe someone whose plan includes selling the items on eBay for triple the amount if not more.

There are already some ridiculous listings like a pair of rain-boots sold for at Target for $30 marked up to $250 on eBay. Check out  some of the rip-offs here.

I know I'm not the only one who is frustrated. A ton of us frantically wrote about this collection when it was announced and genuinely couldn't wait to score some stuff the old-fashioned way while a ton Missoni fans saved up their hard-earned money so they can score a piece of designer merchandise they normally wouldn't be able to buy.

Who remembers the Lanvin x H&M ordeal? I for one, waited in the cold, rainy weather for what seemed like forever to score at least one damn item. Of course, by the time it was my designated group's chance to shop (yup we were grouped in time slots), three ladies had already wiped the entire store out. Within minutes, the items were up on eBay being sold for ridiculous prices.

This is a plea, to Target, H&M and every other retailer into designer collaborations:

PLEASE, please, for the sake of everyone's sanity, implement a shopping limit per customer. A limit of five items seems more than fair but allowing a group of people to exploit the brand and consumers by purchasing the entire collection only to sell it on eBay isn't.

If there was a limit per customer these people trying to score a profit can trek over to another location and buy another five items if they really wanted to. Hell, make the limit 10 items! But allowing these grinches to purchase it all SUCKS.

So please, consider this option because every time this happens, a fashion-obsessed person's heart breaks. No, like really, we're begging you. We love buying your stuff so come on, it's the right thing to do.

What do you guys think?

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