DIY: Revamp Old Bags With Paint


Next time you go to the thrift shop or flea market and find a cool bag on the cheap that looks a little shitty, take the advice some random lady at the second-hand store suggested to us- paint it! The thrifted bags used in this tutorial only cost about $5 but you can do this to any sorry, little, bag you have hanging out at home. Warning: You'll want to give everything stored in your garage a new life after this. Did we mention this process also works on shoes? Oh and it's cheap and easy to do. [Insert that's what she said type-o line here.]


Step 1: Get your supplies ready. You'll need an old leather bag, acrylic craft paint, fine sand paper, a rag or paper-towel, alcohol, water, painter's tape and maybe some newspaper for your workspace if you like to get messy.

Step 2: Sand your bag until the surface is dull. Look for any shiny areas and concentrate on them until they look matte. This well give the paint a good surface to really stick on.

Step 3: Add some water to a rag or paper towel and lightly wipe off the residue.

Step 4: Apply rubbing alcohol onto a rag or paper towel and apply it all over your bag. This will prep your piece for paint.

Step 5: Tape off sections of the bag you want to paint. You can be creative and do a stripe down the middle, a chevron print, color-block, whatever you like.

Step 6: Select your colors! Have fun with neons, try pastels, you can even do glow in the dark if you want. These paints only cost about a dollar each at Michael's.

Step 7: Finally time to paint! Start of with a light wash of color. If your bag is dark apply a base of white paint first. Try to keep your brush strokes uniform.

Step 8: Let each coat dry for a couple of minutes and paint until the desired opacity is reached.

Not shown: Seal your work with a layer of Modge Podge or clear acrylic spray paint.

Please hit us up if you try this out at home. Email us your pics or tag us (@tresdope) on Instagram.

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