10 Last Minute DIY Gifts for Father's Day

You see, normally, we'd have a compilation of run-of-the-mill gifts you can get daddy for Father's Day. You know, like a wallet, cologne, blah blah same shit different year. Really, how bored would you be if you were your dad? In my 25 years of being a daughter, I think I've gotten my dad different versions of the same gift each year.

We all wish we could get dad a well-deserved yacht, maybe a nice trip abroad,  but not all of of us have Kardashian-Luck, you know, where you strike it rich for doing absolutely nothing of substance. Anyhow, bitter bitching aside, here are some cool DIYs links for dad that we've curated off the web... like right now...

1. A bucket filled with man things. This one is a carwash kit but think about what your dad is into. Maybe a sampling of cool beers, some cashews, cigars, shaving razors, anything you think your dad would use or appreciate. This one is a favorite because you can find all your products at a local drugstore and you're done.

2. Tokens for Dad. This is perfect if you have a borderline mushy-cheesy relationship with your father. I love my father more than anything but he's a man of little lovey words and more vodka-manly crap inclined.

3. A Valet Tray. Okay, now this is more my speed. These appears to be rather easy to do and perfect for dad to put his keys (why do men have so many keys?) and random man things.

4. A Hammock. For those days where dad's too stressed to function.

5. Special Quotes. Print them out, frame them and he can put these up in the office.

6. Udaman Candy Wrappers. Wrap your dad's favorite chocolate bar in these hilarious wrappers.

7. A Roll-Up Tool Organizer. Is your dad handy? He'll love that you made this for him. You can even monogram it.

8. Etched Beer Glasses. Okay, these are seriously cool, for any occasion.

9. Personalized Coffee Mugs. This might be the easiest DIY on this list. It's a personal favorite that can be used for a multitude of gift-giving opportunities.

10. Manly Aftershave. Tailor these recipes to fit daddy's needs. Add some cute labels and you're good to go.


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