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Often times a "comeback", whether in a movie or trend can be anything but welcoming, like the revival of fashion trends such as homeless chic ( a la Mary Kate) or butterfly hair clips-which hasn't come back, but just in case let's keep that trend buried shall we? But the comeback kid, that myself and many don't mind seeing revived for the next 50 years is the staple waxed denim- a waxed finish applied to denim to create a leather-like look. This look that dates back a few years introduced by Acne,  looks great in every style and has revived itself on the runways of Balenciaga, Dries Van Noten, and Isabel Marant in the forms of jackets, skirts, shoes, and jeans. Many can relate to how absolutely heart wrenching it is when you see that pair of gorgeous Helmut Lang leather skinny jeans for $3,000 but heart wrench no more, the leather look that the wax denim has achieved is available in many stores. Pair wax denim with a white tshirt, great shoes, topped with a blazer and you are ready to go! No longer will you have to sacrifice your rent for a great leather look, this comeback kid is here to stay! Details: J Brand Bowie Jacket $260, Topshop Leigh Jeans $84,  J Brand Nikko Skirt $195, DL 1961 Waxed Denim, J Brand 811 Cropped Jeans on sale for $80, H&M Low Skinny Jeans $30.

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