Fashion's Night Out Cancelled? Spring? Are you there? Dip Dyed Hair is Still a Thing

Fashion's Night Out Cancelled? Spring? Are you there? Dip Dyed Hair is Still a Thing


The OSCARS came and went in all their dazzling glory. Just in case you were living under a rock the past week, you can check out all the nominees and winners. Ahhhh.. to be Jennifer Lawrence right now! [Oscar] For all you gentlemen looking to vamp up your party look, good news has come from the men of The OSCARS. The three-piece tux is back!  So go ahead and get your Bond, James Bond on at your next soirée. [GQ]

Zero Dark Thirty looses; best picture, best original screenplay, best actress and an investigation from the Senate. The filmmakers of the movie can rest easy the investigation into their rare access to CIA information has officially been dropped! [Hollywood Reporter]

EXCUSE ME? Fashion’s Night Out is cah cah cah-cancelled this year?! Say it isn’t so! [Styleite]

Hello? Spring? Are you there? With what seems to be like a never-ending winter, Celebs step out in the best fashions to keep warm. [Marie Claire UK]

Need motivation to get your butt to the gym? As if a picture of Heidi Klum alone wasn’t enough she has released an active wear line in partnership with New Balance. [WWD]

If Cosmopolitan wasn’t dishing out enough erotic sex advice for us ladies, they’ve started a new segment called #CosmoTwitterAfterDark. [Cosmo]

Ladies.. feet are begging for a break from those stilettos? Lets give it to ‘em!  Rock an up and coming trend: Retro Sneakers! [Man Repeller]

The hair trend we still love this spring? Dip Dyed hair! If Celebs can still rock it, we surely can! [Glamour Mag]

Not much will change for the resigned Pope Benedict XVI except …GASP! He must surrender his holy accessories. [NY Mag]

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Trending: All Ruffled Up

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