Oddest Celeb Couples, Amaze Vodka Cocktails, Models Then and Now, Oh Sh*t, It's Almost Bikini Season!


It's been a heavy week. A timeline of all the horrible events that took place in Boston. [Huffington Post]

And  updates on that awful explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas. [Abc]

On to lighter news...

The absolute oddest celeb couples.. like really WTH were they thinking? [Marie Claire]

What to do when pictures just wont do… Interactive street style!! Trendy pedestrians talk wardrobe. [NY Times]

Okay, this is getting serious!! The temperature is rising therefore the amount of clothing is dwindling.. tips on how to get that bikini bod. [Glamour]

The other half of celebrity couple royalty, Beyonce, is named honorary chair of Met Ball. Uhhhh Could we envy her more? [Vogue]

Margret Thatcher is be gone, may she rest in peace, but the Iron Women’s power suits remain. Check out the first female MP’s fashions through the years! [Guardian UK]

MODELS!!! Oh, was that loud? We’re a little excited to check out these hot ladies from back in their prime to now! From Kate Moss to Naomi Campbell! [Marie Claire]

We know what you want… but does he?! How to make your man better in bed Oh la la! [Glamour]

Are you there Vodka? Oh why yes you are! Check out these AMAZE cocktail recipes! [Cosmo]

Beauty Trend: White Nails

Beauty Trend: White Nails

Steal Her Look: Nicole Warne a.k.a. @garypeppergirl