Chalkboard Nails, WH Correspondents Dinner Fashion, Internet Fast?! Oh Hell No.


Summer Love? Why YES! With these bright totes! [InStyle] How to pull off the hottest floral trends by: Emily Current and Meritt Elliott. [whowhatwear]

It’s The Grammy’s? No, It’s The Oscars? Nope, but The White House Correspondents Dinner was just as glamorous with an A list guest list! [Stylelist]

STYLE ALERT! Daisy from The Great Gatsby has got all the right hair moves! Oh la la. [Topshop Blog]

Orgasmic Coaching. No literally, you can see a coach about any iffy orgasms. FINALLY! [Cosmo]

Rock the Maxi Dress trend in all the right ways! [Marie Claire]

It all chalks up to your nails.. but really check out these amaze Chalkboard Nails! [Glamour]

How To: Not match? Yep! Being overly matchy is a fashion Don’t. [Glamour]

Jewelry. It’s a personal thing. [Style]

Okay seriously worst fear? INTERNET FAST? Who would ever give up smart phones, lap tops, twitter, online delivery? Hello essentials!!!! One man did just that! If you can believe it! [NY Mag]

Trending: Asian Persuasion

Trending: Asian Persuasion

Beauty Trend: White Nails

Beauty Trend: White Nails