Summer Sales You Need to Check Out

Summer Sales You Need to Check Out


Summer sales are in full swing right now, so to help you out, we've rounded up some of the best places to shop for a deal.

Zara's Spring/Summer Sale - The entire store is practically on sale. The prices drop almost every week, so make sure to keep checking back.

Urban Outfitters - Because where else can you go for some throwback graphic tees and tanks? And at the reduced prices, you won't feel bad buying more than one.

Anthropologie - Up to 50% off on clothes and their adorable housewares. They even have some of their cute aprons on sale, which will totally inspire you to bake all kinds of goodies.

H&M - The prices are already pretty reasonable at H&M, so imagine how great they are at their sale. Unfortunately, they don't have an online site (still!), but luckily more and more stores are opening up here in the U.S., so if you've got one near, make sure you stop in.

Victoria's Secret - Pretty sure everyone is familiar with the Semi-Annual sale, but if you aren't, you'll definitely want to familiarize yourself. The website has a great selection of undergarments, clothes and swimwear that isn't sold in stores, so make sure you check it out. Your 'girls' will thank you.

Mango - If Zara is having a sale, you can bet that Mango is having one too. Up to 50% off their wide selection of clothing.

Forever 21 - Even though they always have deals going on in store, they have a a sale that includes some swimsuits and summer wear.

Steve Madden - Now you need some shoes to go with all the clothes you're about to buy, so check out Steve Madden's summer sale.

Aldo - Summer sandals up to 50% off? Yes, please!

Bows, Boobs, and Babies Oh My!

Streaker Crashes D&G, Working in Fashion= nothing like The Hills, OmbrΓ© Fails

Streaker Crashes D&G, Working in Fashion= nothing like The Hills, OmbrΓ© Fails