Bows, Boobs, and Babies Oh My!


Looking to perk up your assets in your swim gear this summer? Lets get some Kate Upton inspired boob action going with these easy work outs! [Cosmo]

How to turn a sweet little bow into a fashion statement?.. Celebs do it best [WWD]

Okay, Even if some of us were not alive during the assassination of JFK… we can certainly appreciate the Ginnifer Goodwin as Jackie-O in National Geographic’s “Killing Kennedy.” [Inside

Thinking of lightening up this summer? Lets start with our hair! No seriously, How to lighten without the terrorizing damage! BellaSugar][


How long ago was the Civil War? Apparently Paula Deen missed that bit of history as she makes a video apology for her N-bomb. [Hollywoodreporter]

All the Single ladies, it’s wedding season yet again. So strut your stuff in all the right ways with a kick ass ensemble! [InStyle]

Who better to design lingerie than an ex-prostitute? Am I right ladies? See the woman behind the risqué. [Styleite]

MJ’s son on his fathers wrongful death.. oh the stories a Prince can tell. [HollywoodReporter]

Equality for everyone is just one step closer and Modern Family planes to tell all with a same sex marriage?[HollywoodReporter]

Guest Editor: Melody Rahimi of Vibrant Flair

Guest Editor: Melody Rahimi of Vibrant Flair

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Summer Sales You Need to Check Out