Scandals, Summer Musts, and More Celeb Designers..

Scandals, Summer Musts, and More Celeb Designers..



To the rescue of arriving at the beach with out a thing to read! Find the juiciest books for summer![Vanity Fair]

I mean we all knew Joan Rivers is a B%$@H but seriously, not even considering giving benefits for the E! writers who’ve kept her relevant… because It ain’t the plastic surgery honey! [Styleite]

How To: Survive A Scandal.. No one does it better then a United State politician. Seriously, I almost forgot about this long list of political scandals! Oh these boys are good, real good. [New York Times]

OMG when will this Royal child arrive already?! Luckily his or her royal title is already decided. [Vogue]

Don’t get caught in the rain! Well, at least not with out one chic umbrella! I mean seriously, not just any old umbrella can protect this fab head of hair! [Cosmopolitan]

Always wishing you could pull off that lip color she’s wearing? Check out this guide to makeup ANYONE can rock! [InStyle]

Kate Hudson: Actress, Mom, Beauty, Clothing Designer? Say Whaaaaaat? [Styleite]

Ahhh summer in the sun.. Where’s my drink? A guide to some yummy warm weather cocktails. [Lucky Mag]

Making a trip to the beach? For those daring days take a surf etiquette guide to avoid local faux pas. [GQ]

Time flies when your having fun or when your getting older. One journalist analyzes why time seems to go out the window faster as we age. [Elle]

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