Prince George, Summer Solutions, and The Dawn of The Black Wedding


Prince George Alexander Louis. Need we say more? US Mag

Expert in worrying? Breath in. Breath out. Now STOP THAT! Here’s how to calm those nerves! Phew MarieClaire

NYC street style…Love. Those are synonyms right? GQ

Need everything summed up? You’re in luck! Cosmo delivers their top 10 sex stories of 2013. Oh la la! Cosmopolitan

Avril Lavigne starting a new trend with her black wedding dress? Maybe she’s trying to send a message.. Virgin White isn’t her color? StyleNews

Not really surprised Miley Cyrus would get naked but honestly who wouldn’t for Marc Jacobs? Fashionista

Gimme Gimme! The perf' summer nails for this weekend! Yes please! Elle

Keeping your lips kissable even through these sunny months! ChaCha

This weeks best dressed. Period. Vogue UK

If you haven’t had a pit stain problem since puberty count yourself one of the few chosen ones. And for the normal sweaty beasts here is some help on how to stop this madness! DeadSpin

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10 Dope Home Items We Can Buy Online from H&M Now

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