15 Lessons We Learned From Clueless

15 Lessons We Learned From Clueless


1. If someone has a concussion, you have to keep them conscious by asking them questions. Just make sure it's stuff they know, though.

2. A sheer collarless shirt can make you look super capable. 

3. Buyer's remorse is a terrible thing. Instead of stressing over that regretful purchase, return and move on to the next.

4. Everything is negotiable, even grades. Be persistent like Cher and negotiate the next late or overdraft fee you get charged with. 

5. Everywhere should have valet. If you're wearing heels, and the place does not have a valet service, it's not even worth it.

6. Work on your vocabulary, sporadically. But don't be annoying like that one friend who tries to impress people with big words.

7. Don't spill beer on satin shoes – It's not fixable.

8. It's okay to give yourself snaps for your good deeds. Sometimes you do good things, and you should give yourself some credit because there are a lot of assholes in this world who don't.


9. Beware of full-on Monets. Especially after a couple of drinks. 

10. Tardiness is not something you can do on your own. Okay it is kind of, but really, you can usually find someone or something else is to blame. This only counts if you're typically a punctual person, though.

11. Searching for a boy in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie. It really is. If you're in high-school, enjoy your time with friends and stop focusing on finding a boy. You will think he is lame and regret ever feeling some type of way about him.

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12. Herbal refreshments don't always mean tea. And coke doesn't always mean soda. Always remember this, especially in Los Angeles.

13. Everywhere in LA takes twenty minutes. Without traffic.

14. If he dresses better than you, there's basically nothing else you can bring to the relationship. Okay... this is not totally true but, you have got to be sure he's not a "cake boy" before you get all invested.

15. A good makeover is everything. Switching things up is always a nice way to get out of frump. 

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