I Tried It: Coconut Oil on My Face

I Tried It: Coconut Oil on My Face

Coconut Oil Skin Review

Coconut oil is supposed to be the new beauty cure-all. There are lists upon lists of uses for coconut oil. I initially started using it as a moisturizer on my body because I was skeptical about putting it on my face. I have extremely oily and dry skin and was told countless times by beauty store associates that I should be using an oil-free moisturizer on my face. After doing more research and spending endless hours on Pinterest, I found that my skin was producing more oil because the expensive, oil-free moisturizers I was buying weren't actually moisturizing. As a result, my skin began to produce more oil. It wasn't until I came across the whole idea that oils dissolves oils, and learned that they aren’t necessarily bad for your skin, that I ultimately decided to try using coconut oil on my face, too.

Skin Type
Combination, extremely dry, large pores, and breakout prone.
Early 20s

First Reactions
When I first put on the oil it seemed very greasy and almost too oily.  The more I rubbed it in, the more my skin started to absorb it. After about ten minutes, the shine of the oil went away and my face began to feel soft and moisturized. 

Make sure the coconut oil is semi-solid; this makes it easier to apply to your face.  Use about a quarter size amount and put it in the palm of your hand. Then, use your fingers to rub it into your palm to melt the oil a tiny bit and then apply to your face. Make sure your thoroughly massage it into your skin so the oil can be fully absorbed. 

My skin was moisturized by the oil more than any product I have used in the past. It made my skin manageable for the dry winter and protected it from damage. I also noticed that my skin had a more brightened appearance and the oil improved the look of scars and dark spots on my face.  My skin stopped also producing excessive amounts of oil to compensate for the lack of moisture from other products.

▸ Coconut oil is completely natural.  
▸ There are many other uses for coconut oil.
▸ Wallet-friendly.

▸ Make sure you get the unrefined, raw, or organic stuff.
▸ Wait about ten minutes before applying makeup to your face after using coconut oil. 
▸ Massage the oil thoroughly into skin for maximum absorption.
▸ Rub any excess product on other parts of your body like your hands and the ends of your hair.

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